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Chisel Tools

  Product Description:

Chisel Tools

Pneumatic Hammer
Widiam Bushammering for P9 Teeth Tang. 7,5
Widiam Bushammering for P9 Teeth Tang.5
Widiam Bushammering Tools Tang 12,5 Long or short Shank
Widiam Chisel - Hammer Type E Tang 7,5
Widiam Chisel Grafted 3 Teeth Tang 12,5
Widiam Chisel tang 12,5
Widiam Pointed Chisel Tang 12,5
Widiam Pointed Chisel Tang 12,5
Widiam Tools (Hammer Type Z Tang 15,5)
Widiam Toothed Chisels (hammer Type E Tang 7,5)
Widiam Universal Crosscut Chisel Tang. 12,5
7,16 Pipe Connection (Female)
7,16 Pipe Connection (Male)
Brass Tap + Pipe
Brass Tap 7,16 (small)
Hammer Protector
Hand Made special Chisel
Pipe Connection (Male)
Pipe Connection Female
Steel Tap + 2 Pipe Connection


Pneumatic Hammer



pneumatic hammer, for marble and sculpture, is always known and appreciate all over the world. For this reason, During years, it Has Been object of imitation.

It has got CE label for always up to date equipments, machines and technologies used to be built.The blackberries illustrious and famous sculptors used it in order to Realize great works in the marble