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Dry Fixing

  Product Description:

Dry Fixing


Bolt Anchor
Bolt Anchor
Hook Anchor
Eye Anchor
Drop in Anchor
Throught Bolt
Sleeve Anchor
Sleeve Anchor
Unifix Bolt
Shield Angle
Spring Nuts
Hex Bolt
Flat Head Bolt
Metal Frame Anchor
Pin / Ring
Angle Grade: 202,304,316
Angle Grade: 202,304,316
Angle Grade: 202,304,316
Single Base Drill Stand
Fisher Angle
Hex Nuts
S.S Strip Bar
Brass Bar
Round Rod
Tred Rod
Dry Fixing Angle: We have ready in stock Stainless Steel Angle (Grade 202) Angles, Bolts, Nut, Washer, Unifix, Pin and Galvanized Iron Unifixbolt. We are also dealing with Stainless Steel Sheets Grade 304 and 316, Steel Strips 304.

We manufacture Angles Grade 304 and 316 in our UAE factory as per the specification and quantity requirements.