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Aardwolf Slab Lifter


The patented Aardwolf Slab Lifter is an accessory for lifting and moving slab-form loads. The Aardwolf Slab Lifter incorporates a spring-loaded latch that automatically releases the lifter from the slab once the slab has been fully lowered to the ground. This makes the process of lifting and lowering of slabs a one-man operation.


  • Size: Being of a compact construction, the Aardwolf Slab Lifter allows for close packed stone slabs to be lifted out of racks and containers. Lower height slabs placed along side of taller slabs offer no problem, as is the case with scissor clamps.
  • Versatile: Ideal for construction work. Because the clamping mechanism is to the front of the slab, they allow panels to be placed close against walls.
  • Safety: Requires only a small movement of the slab to engage and grip the slab, which is generally well below the over balance angle thus eliminating the danger to the operator.
  • Secure: The Aardwolf clamps grip marble and granite slabs firmly. The Aardwolf Slab Lifter has a force-multiplying factor of approximately 2.5 to 1.


Specifications for AL30

Grip range 0 – 30 mm
Working load limit 1200 2646

Aardwolf Slab Lifter

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