Al Jedar Trading Aardwolf Stone Grapple

Aardwolf Stone Grapple|Grab

Aardwolf Stone Grapple|Grab


Aardwolf Stone Grapple is an attachment that is mainly used for stones, rocks, and other large irregular shaped objects that need to be handled, moved and loaded onto a truck or other industrial vehicle.

Aardwolf Stone Grapple has three arms that are designed to lift rocks & stones and provide a stable lift of irregularly shaped heavy boulders. The 3-point design provides for a quick, secure lift that creates a safe and easy way to move large objects using a single operator.

The Aardwolf Stone Grapple requires no hydraulics to operate. The Stone Grapple lifting tongs are fully automatic and give the operator complete control to grip or release a load. The three serrated tines contacting the load allow for a very stable lift cycle every time. Once the operator lowers the stone grapple onto a bolder, the stone grapple’s internally-housed actuator allows the operator to begin lifting the bolder.

Once the bolder is set down, the stone grapple’s internally-housed actuator allows the operator to lift the stone grapple from the bolder, ready for the next lift cycle.


  • 3-point design.
  • Lifts irregular shaped objects or debris.
  • Quick load cycles.
  • Large jaw opening that allows it to pick up large boulders.


Working load limit 2000 4409
Grip range 350 – 1200 14” – 47”
Net weight
Gross weight
Packaging dimension

Aardwolf Stone Grapple|Grab