Al Jedar Trading Barrier Lifter ABL-255|2000

Barrier Lifter ABL-255|2000


The Aardwolf Barrier Lifter is the solution for lifting and moving heavy granite slabs, sandstone blocks and concrete barriers in a safe, easy and efficient manner. The material contact surface is protected by the clamping rubber covering. The clamp is gravity controlled, which opens when rested and closes when lifted.


  • Auto locks and unlocks
  • Vulcanized rubber pads
  • Protective rubber-lined bar prevents the material from chipping


Grip range 100 – 255 4” – 10”
Working load limit 3000 6614
Net weight 139 306
Gross weight 150 331
Packaging dimension 890x720x770 35”x28.3”x30.3”

Barrier Lifter ABL-255|2000