Al Jedar Trading Rockany Cast EP

Rockany Cast EP

Clear Casting Epoxy System

Rockany Cast EP is Low Viscosity Liquid Epoxy Resin for Casting, Potting, and Embedments
Rockany Cast EP is used for permanent protection of con-crete floors of light, medium and heavy-duty applications. The system Designed specifically for casting, potting, and embedding applications. Low color and low viscosity allow for bubble free, crystal clear castings ideal for art and hob-by applications. normally can be applied up to thickness of 15 mm.


» Designed specifically for casting, potting, and embed ding applications
» Crystal clear casting ideal for art and hoppy Application.
» Can be used on concrete, metal and wooden furniture for decorative castings.
» Engineered countertops, jewellery art projects


Packed in 1 Ltr Kit / 5 Ltr Kit Part A Resin Part B Hardener

Rockany Cast EP

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