Al Jedar Trading Rockany Duct Coating

Rockany Duct Coating 30-36

Duct Canvas Coating

RockanyDuct Coating 30-36 is a tough and flexible adhesive and sealant, forming a durable seal against air leakage. Due to its excellent water, U.V. and abrasion- resistance it can be used in outdoors as well as indoors in thermal insulation systems on metal duct.


» Recommended as a protective indoor lag coating and finish for insulation materials in combination with rein forcing fabric e.g. canvas cloth on air conditioning ducts (e.g. GI Sheets) and cold water piping.
» Used on the edges & joints of Fibrous Duct liner insulation for sealing and preventing air erosion.
» Highly recommended on polystyrene & polyurethane foam insulations.


Available in 20 and 25 Kg.

Rockany Duct Coating 30-36