Al Jedar Trading Rockany Epxy Grout

Rockany Epoxy Flow Grout

Epoxy Base High Strength Flow Grout

Rockany EpoxyFlow Grout is a three component high strength free flowing Epoxy Grout. Solvent free non shrink and stainless epoxy grout specifically for wide variety of Industrial applications.


» For high load crane rail grouting
» For old and new machine base plates
» Pile Cap encapsulation.
» Ground anchors towers and structural filling of holes and cavities in concrete.
» For Industrial equipment and machinery which are subject to dynamic forces.
» Recommended application thickness ranges from 10- 100mm.


15 Ltr/Kit
(28 Kg/Kit – Base, Hardener + Filler)(Three components)

Rockany Epoxy Flow Grout