Rockany Flex C2 TE S1

Cementitious Flexible Adhesive

RockanyFlex C2 TE S1 specially formulated premium grade flexible adhesive for absorbent/non-absorbent category tile/stone installations.
RockanyFlex C2 TE S1 contains high grad polymers, silica, fillers, fibres and special additives.


» Recommended for malls, utility areas, and hospital floor & walls tiles installations.
» Recommended for tile installation on cork/ruber acoustic underlay system.
» Recommended for Plywood,gypsum and silicate board.
» Formulated for large size tiles/stones
» Recommended for agglomerates/quartz stone.
» Recommended for Tile On Tile System without priming system.
» Excellent frost resistant and it can be used for exterior and interior floor and wall applications.
» Recommended for wet and non-wet areas.

RockanyFlex C2 TE S1 meets the requirements of the classification C2TE S1 according to EN 12004. Cementitious Tile Adhesive (C) Improved (2) slip resistant (T) extended open time (E) Deformable Adhesive (S1).


Available in 20 kg Bag

Rockany Flex C2 TE S1