Al Jedar Trading Rockany Lock fix

Rockany Lockfix AG

Polyester Resin Anchoring Grout
Rockany LockFix AG is high strength corrosion resistant fast set-ting heavy duty anchoring grout. These anchors include bolts,-tendons or dowels in drilled or formed holes located in concrete masonry, brickwork or natural rock.

Consists of two components, pre-packed polyester resin and filler.


» Permanent fixing of reinforced bars
» Anchoring grout for bolts
» Cranes
» Handrails
» Metal Frames
» Dock Sills
» Formed holes located in concrete, brick works, masonry and natural rock.


Rockany LockFix AG is available in 2 Kg kit.(Pouring Grade and Gun Grade)

Rockany Lockfix AG