Rockany Marmorino System

Marmorino is ready-mixed lime based Venetian stucco. It combines the use of natural limes and crushed marble to produce a seamless decorative marble membrane of exceptional beauty and versatility. Characteristics and physical properties:

Appearance : Paste, Venetian Stucco
Grades : Smooth, fine, medium, rough
Specific Gravity : 1.65 Kg/Liter
Coverage : Plaster 0.9-1.0 kg/Liter | Gypsum 0.5-0.8 kg/liter
Drying time : Touch dry 1-2 hrs. | recoatability 6-12 hrs.
Dilution : Water
VOC : 48 g/L
Contains : Natural mineral lime
Fire Rating : 0 (non-flammable/non-combustible)

Suitable Substrates:

Marmorino decorative plaster can be applied to most solid surface. Make sure that the surface is thoroughly dried and aged.
Resurface with specific product if necessary. Cracks should be filled with suitable crack filler or similar products.
In case, the surface is flaky, apply RockanyBond Primer avoid efflorescence.
Dry lined surfaces (plasterboard) should be double boarded with staggered joints. Joints in MDF surfaces should be taped.
Raw substrates such as concrete block work, brickwork and similar backgrounds must be rendered with a base plaster to achieve a true, flat surface that is straight both horizontally and vertically.

Available in 5 Kg and 25 Kg buckets

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Rockany Marmorino System