Al Jedar Trading Rockany Prime

Rockany Prime D41

Solvent Based Primer Complies with ASTM D41

RockanyPrime D41 is a quick-drying solvent-based low viscosity bitumen primer that complies with the requirements of ASTM D41.


It is used as a primer coat on masonry and concrete substrates to improve the adhesion of bitumen based membranes and coatings. Is low in viscosity, which allows it to penetrate into the concrete pores and improve the adhesion between the membrane and the concrete surface. in addition to that, the primer also acts as a binder for the dust particles which gets accumulated on the concrete surface even after cleaning.


RockanyPrime D41 is available in 15 Ltr, 20 Ltr metal pails and 200 Ltr steel drums.

Rockany Prime D41