Rockany Sabbiatore System

Sabbiatore is a water-based interior and exterior decorative paint that renders professional results with simple application. Simple effortless troweling is all that required to achieve this effect. Due to the natural mineral-blend it provides a Sandblasted marble effect that gives an elegant monochromatic effect and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly. Can be applied on to walls, columns, and other curved surfaces leaving a joint free finish. For external application protection coat of Rockany VS -W is required to ensure a long-lasting effect.

Characteristics and Physical Properties:
Color : See catalogue
Appearance : Sandblasted effect
Sp. Weight : 1.50 Kg/L
Method of application : Trowel
Coverage : 6-8 m/L
Drying Time : 1-2 Hrs. (touch dry)
Dilution : Not Required
VOC : 4.0 g/L
Yield : 750 – 1000 gms/m2

Available in 5 Kg and 25 Kg buckets


Rockany Sabbiatore System

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