Al Jedar Trading Rockany Sheal

Rockany Seal HWS

Hydrophilic Swellable Waterstop

RockanySeal HWS is made of high performance modified rubber strips. Interaction between water and hydrophilic groups which are part of the RockanySeal HWS molecular structure results in swelling of rubber strips. When in contact with water, RockanytSeal HWS reacts and can swell up to 200% of its original dimension to form a compression seal.


» Concrete construction joints
» Foundation wall slabs
» Precast wall panels
» Slabs-on-grade
» Pipe & steel work penetration through wall & slabs,
» Construction joints in tunnel segments
» Box culverts and potable water structure etc.


Available in 20 mm X 10 mm — 70 meters/Box

Rockany Seal HWS