Al Jedar Trading Rockany Tile and Grout

Rockany Tile and Grout

Cementitious Premium Adhesive

Single Version Cementitious Adhesive & Grout. Rockany Tile and Grout is new generation multipurpose latex modified cementitious water resistant adhesive and grout used for permanent fixing of mosaics and glass mosaics.


» Specially formulated for permanent wet areas
» Interior and exterior mosaics fixing and grouting applications.
» Recommended for Swimming Pools, Fountains, Bathrooms, kitchens and permanent wet areas.
» Recommended for ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, porcelain tiles, quartz stone marble and stones.
» Recommended substrates are Concrete, Screed, Plaster. Plywood, Silicate, Gypsum Board & MDF with support of priming.


Available in 20 kg Bag

Rockany Tile And Grout meets the classifications requirements C2TE according to EN 12004.

Rockany Tile and Grout