Al Jedar Trading Rockany Tile WR

Rockany Tile WR

Water Resistant Latex Modified Tile Adhesive

RockanyTile WR is a Latex modified cementitious waterproof adhesive used for permanent fixing of porcelain tiles, Marble, Mosaics and stone for interior and exterior applications especially in perma-nent wet areas or submerged conditions.

Field of Application

» Specially formulated for permanent wet areas
» Interior and exterior tile fixing applications
» Recommended for Swimming Pools, Fountains, Bathrooms, kitchens and permanent wet areas.
» Recommended for ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, porcelain tiles, quartz stone marble and stones.
» Recommended substrate are Concrete, Screed, Plaster. And Plywood, Silicate, Gypsum Board & MDF with support of priming. Rockany Tile WR meets the classification requirements C2TE according to EN 12004. Color Coming White or Grey, Brilliant White


Available in 20 kg Bag

Rockany Tile WR